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Morgan Krantz, Rip Taylor, Zena Grey and Alex on the set of "Cheat Day"
Diora Baird and Alex on the set of "Cheat Day"
Steve-O and Alex on the set of "Cheat Day"

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Editor/Director/One Man Band

I've been making movies since high school. When my friends and I took over the morning announcements, we saw an opportunity to make short films for a captive audience...and by that, I mean an audience that literally HAD to watch; the entire school was held hostage by our silliness. Out of necessity, I learned the basics of filmmaking: acting, writing, directing, editing, visual effects, name it. All of these skills came in handy when I attended the University of Miami's film school. After making the leap to Los Angeles, I've continued to hone my craft by working in the editing room for studio films like "Hot Tub Time Machine" and "The Muppets", on the sets of "Hop" and "The Hangover Part III" and as an Assistant Editor for ESPN's Grantland. All the while, I continue to write, direct and edit my own films (all of which you can watch below).


Drummer/Singer/Guitar Dabbler

Growing up in a family of musicians/music professionals exposed me to music from a young age. I've been playing drums since I was 4 years old. I've been in rock bands, country bands, punk bands, jazz bands...I've been in lots of bands. I sang a lot of back up in my band days, but it was the strange LA Karaoke scene that really got me singing (I now host a weekly Karaoke show for fun...don't judge me). I've also been dabbling in guitar since going to college (turns out that drums aren't great for dorm/apartment living). I use all of my musical knowledge and experience in many aspects of my professional life. A sense of rhythm is invaluable for editing and I've played drums, guitar or sung on each of my film's soundtracks (all of which you can watch below).

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